Walking coast to coast, meeting Picasso and falling in love.

Juan les Pins and Antibes are on the Cap d’Antibe peninsular, so walking from one side to the other seemed a good idea, forgetting that the walk would naturally mean climbing up before going down to the other side. I now know Boulevard President Wilson quite well. But it was worth it and I fell in love with Antibes, with it’s magnificent market, alleyways, intriguing corners, restaurants and shops.

Of course the visit would not be complete with going to see some of the works of Picasso. It may be an ‘artist’s’ sin, but I’ve never been that fond of his work finding it cold and sometimes depressing. Still bearing in mind the times he lived in, he was reflecting life. Anyway, the building was fabulous with old tile floors and was part of the ramparts. It overlooked the azure sea, with a small courtyard and some fascinating installations. I liked the ceramics, so maybe I will receive absolution from the church of ‘Art’.

Thanks Antibes, I will be back.