A bit of geography, going downhill and walking slowly.

It is still very hot in Lyon. Round about 30 c, give or take a degree, but a tad fresher after the storms at the weekend.

However, I am having to learn to walk more slowly. I have always been a ‘woman on a mission’ but am discovering the benefits of just taking it a bit slower so that I don’t arrive where ever I am going as a damp and pink lady.

Croix Rousse is 254 metres above the Rhone or Soane which does give you some spectacular view, but the climb back up at the end of the day is not to be recommended. The other hill Fourviere however, is 300 metres and I will definitely be taking some form of transport to get there.

On the walk down via the the Montée de la Grand Côte there are few restaurants and some interesting shops to amuse you and certianily act a reason for ‘taking a breather’ on the way up.

Here is a short video explaining a bit about the geography. Click on the picture below and it will take you to the video.