A view from the top, then downhill all the way.

Henri had been complaining that we had been in Lyon a whole week and he hadn’t left the apartment once!

So a great day was planned which started out in the usual way, my walk into town. This actually only takes 15 minutes from Croix Rousse and is a great way to start the day. Naturally a cup of coffee needs to be enjoyed in the Place des Terreaux with the beautiful and powerful Bartholdi Fountain in full gush and vapour actually coming out of the horses nostrils.

Henri on the top deck.

Part of the day was to hop on and off the open top bus that does a great tour of the city. It cost 21 euros and covers all the main site seeing spots. Like a sea cruise, it’s a great way to see lots of places in one go, then leaving you to decide which ones you want to spend more time at.

I decided not to get off at the top of Fourvière Hill but at St Jean instead and take the ‘funiculaire’ up to enjoy the fabulous view. Here is a short film I made whilst at the top. Below the basilica are some gardens, so I decided to walk down which didn’t take too long and I then arrived back at St Jean in the vieux ville.


Lyon is famous for the traboules (concealed passages.) These were primarily created for the silk industry, to ease movement of the products, should it be raining and to keep things hidden from prying eyes.

So at the end of a super day Henri and I were pleased to have seen so much and still walked a long way, even if it was downhill.