Murals, characters and lessons in perspective.

There are, so the guide book says 150 murals in Lyon. I have not walked around and seen them all, but quite a few.

The ones in Lyon have been created by a company called CitéCréation who now paint worldwide. In Lyons the subject is based on the history and the characters who have helped to make Lyon the city it is today. Walls celebrating the cinema, cuisine, silk industry and the light festival which is held every December. The list goes on but if you take the open top bus ride around the city you will see a few of them as you go. They are just another beautiful creation which has made Lyon a UNESCO site. It’s not just one thing it’s the whole city.

In fact there is one just at the end of the street where I am staying. Le Mur des Canuts has been updated as things have changed. Click on the image to see the video.

When I hear my students telling me about how hard they find coping with perspective in their work, I will ask them to look at these. Then again maybe not.


I have painted a few myself but on a much smaller scale, some complete walls and sometimes ceilings in large houses.Those are usually skies and clouds with birds and such. But below you will see parts of some which I have done. If you can dream it, I can paint it.