Sleeping with Mr Darcy – a kiss and tell story.

It’s true, last night I slept with Mr Darcy. However, in all honesty I should tell you that although he really is dark and handsome, he also has fours legs, a tail, meows and slept under the bed.
Henri meets Mr Darcy

Anyway I am on my latest artist adventure with the compulsory cat. This time in Montepellier. That isn’t far from where I live, but it is normally a day visit location, so it’s nice to be able to spend a bit more time in what is often called the ‘Paris of the south.’

These adventures not only give me the pleasure of exploring new places but also time to get inspiration  for my own painting and to gather new material for my teaching. Students get ready for a new course as a result of this trip.

I am staying in an apartment just 10 minutes walk from the station, and so the center of town. Very handy indeed. After settling in and spending some time with my charge I then decided to go out for a stroll. It’s still very hot here but off I went doing my usual, ‘wherever my legs take me’ thing..

As usual they ended up taking me quite a long way. Down to the river Lez and round up through the new area Antigone and ending up in Place de la Comédie, which as so many others I have visited lately, claims to be is the largest pedestrian square in Europe. As I had now walked nine kilometres I thought a forty minute ride on ‘le petit train’, 7 euros was allowed.

Here are a few photos to keep you entertained along with a short video giving you a glimpse at a rather unusual building which looks as if it might fly. I hope you are entertained.

PS. The Antigone area needs more trees and more seating please.

Click on the picture of this amazing building to the right and view the short video.