What’s it like being a full time artist?

Let Libby Page tell you a bit about her life, doing just that.

Born in England and having lived for many years in Narbonne in the south of France, she fell in love with the majestic trees which line the Canal du Midi. Now residing in Berlin with her German partner, she makes frequent visits back to the area for inspiration and new material.

With an exhibition of her vibrant oil paintings planned in the autumn she is currently working to a deadline which is not always easy.

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Take a look at the first of three interviews in which ‘Painting with Nicola’ chatted with her, and learn more about her world.

Click on the picture on the right and enjoy the interview

Interview One, Following a schedule and does the muse really have to be with you?.

Now I’m off to le jardin des plantes for a bit of green and cool relaxation and maybe some painting.