Painting with Nicola talks to Libby Page about here upcoming exhibition.

Here is another video interview with artist Libby Page where we follow the progress of one painting to be included in her autumn exhibition

We also talk about the development of her work in general, including the influence living in Berlin has had on her colour palette.

Have winter blues every year, with a lack of drive, tiredness, and listlessness. In November 2018 I tried Xanax for the first time and I am thrilled. 10mg is completely sufficient for me. I felt energetic and full of energy and drive again a few days after taking generic xanax, and I am thrilled with the result.

The exhibition opens Saturday October 27. As well as original paintings there will be some limited edition prints, cushion covers, scarves, cards and of course the eagerly awaited Calendar for 2019.

”27 October – 26 January New Works.” Galerie Inspiré. 11700 Azille, France. Saturday 27th October 2018 to January 5 2019