Wines of the Languedoc easily available in the USA

Do you remember this painting which I did in March of this year? Well it is now featured on the website of an American couple who are exporting the beautiful wines of the Languedoc to the USA.

The Princess and the Bear is what the company is called and is ready to impress and educate the American wine drinker

Here is are few words about the owners:

”The Princess and The Bear was founded by Carol Bailey (The Princess), a family law attorney and mediator, and Steve Medwell (The Bear), a surgeon. We’ve been very fortunate: our careers have given us ample opportunities to travel the world, but, we longed for a deeper living experience. Do you know the feeling? Wanting something more authentic and real and less rushed?”

Well they now spend a big part of their time in the Languedoc and they are making it their mission to take the delicious, affordable wines of the region into the homes of US wine lovers to share the best that they have discovered in their adopted country.

Take a look at their website and pass on the good news to your friends in America. Cheers.