Languedoc wines are making their way to the USA

In America, it appears the fabulous, inexpensive and varied wines of our region are little known. That is about to change. 

American friends, Carol Bailey and Steve Medwell, who have a home in the village of Quarante where I live, have created a wine export business.

They are both recently retired, Carol as an attorney and Steve as a surgeon, so what a quantum leap and indeed leap of faith they have made to share their passion with their fellow countrymen and women in this way.

The have called the business The Princess and the Bear. Why? Because it conjures up images of a mythical area, steeped in history, with castles and brave knights in a rugged landscape bursting with vineyards, forests and leading to the Mediterranean sea.

It has taken them about one year to get it together. They have traveled, researched, tasted and selected a sensational range of wines for all occasions and for all ages and incomes.

These wines have now left the port of Marseilles and are making their way by container shipping to the east coast of America due to arrive at the end of November. So take a look at the website and start selecting your wines for Christmas.

If you click on the picture below you will be able to watch a short video compiled from some of the pictures of their journey. Why not follow them via their site as they continue on their adventure and join in the fun.