I am now listed on Tripadvisor with my painting holidays.

NEW for 2020
You can NOW find my painting holidays on Tripadvisor.

As well as my popular YouTube channel and my own website you will now also find my painting holidays posted under ‘Things Do’ when you select the Languedoc area.

So my painting chums, if you have been on one of my painting holidays, pop along to the site and type Languedoc into the search bar.

  • Then the page Languedoc Roussillin should pop up.
  • Then look along the line of options and on the left you will see, ‘Things to do.’
  • Click there and another list will come up. The last time I looked I was on page three. You may have to scroll down quite a bit as I am a new entry.
  • When you get to my entry click on it, scroll down and on the left you will see a ‘Reviews’ then on the right ‘write a review.’
I would really appreciate some nice reviews to help me climb the ladder and get more painting holiday clients.
* There’s still time for you to come on a painting holiday with me in March
All details are on my site www.painting-holidays-france.com.
Learn via the internet? https://painting-with-nicola.newzenler.com
Or e mail me directly at nblakemore.com@gmail.com
Or phone me on 00 33 ((0)4 99 57 16 63

I hope to see you soon, love Nicola