Sometimes you just know when it’s time to do the right thing.

When I made the decision this morning to offer 10 of my online painting courses for FREE to cheer everyone up amidst the COVI 19 turmoil, I didn’t realise the positive and heart warming reactions I would get.

I had to cancel a painting holiday I was to run next week which is disappointing for those who were coming but also for me, as a self employed person financially disappointing.

Such is life. But I started to think about people who may be at home through enforced or self imposed isolation for whatever reason so I thought my YouTube subscribers may welcome a bit of a distraction and I decided to offer 10 painting courses for free until the end of the month, which hopefully will see people through the worst of it. A little rash maybe, as I need an income as much as anyone else. But there are time when you know what’s the right thing to do.

Little did I know the wonderful and in some cases tear jerking comments I would get in return from my creative chums from all over the world. However, as I always reply to all comments on my channel it looks as if I’m going to be kept quite busy for a while.

Here are a few of the comments. If you would like to take a look at more click on the picture and it will take you to the video and the FREE offer.

‘How kind and generous of you. Thank you. To me, you are to watercolor as Julia Child is to cooking’.

‘This is amazing, thank you. I was just thinking last night how painting is going to really be important for me the next few weeks to disconnect from news and worry. This is such s great idea, I definitely look forward to trying these out and sharing them! I love your painting style!! Stay safe!’

‘Hi Nicola, thank you so much I can’t wait to get started. What a lovely gesture in this time of concern and crisis. I have Autoimmune issues, so I have been advised to stay home for a few weeks. Your gift is not only timely but much appreciated. Can’t wait to see if I can produce some fun and excited painting. Thanks and Lots of love Mary’

‘Nicola this lovely gift from you has come at a good moment when we are felling a bit down with all that is happening at the moment Thankyou so much you are a diamond xxxxx’

‘We should all be thanking you Pretty Lady, for so generously sharing your time, your knowledge, your awesome sense of humor, your fun, and amazing art, and last but not least, your beautiful soul. Thank you! I have learned so much from your videos already. I also appreciate that you are so quick to answer any questions that any of us have. When I subscribed to your channel you had less then 50 subscribers! It has been such a treat watching your channel grow. Congratulations on 18,000 subscribers!!! You will have a million before you know it. I’m looking forward to thanking the courses. That was a wonderful idea! I have dug out all of our old board games and art supplies that I had forgotten I had, (Watercolor is and will always be my first love) and we are going to enjoy the quality time that we are getting to have together as a family. We lost so many family members recently, and though we are a very small family now, we are so grateful for each other. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity! I don’t want anybody to know about my erectile dysfunction, so I buy Cialis from The pills are top quality
and they are perfect for me. First and foremost because I can take a pill once in two days. Secondly, it has a postponed mechanism of action so my girlfriend won’t see me taking
any pills before sex. I pray that you and yours stay safe and healthy.’

So there it is. Keep safe, keep well and most of all keep painting, love Nicola