OVERCOME the FIVE most encountered problems when painting with watercolours.

A LIVE and INTERACTIVE course that will really lift your painting to another level and build your confidence.

After many years of teaching people how to use watercolour paints, I have pin pointed the five main difficulties that people struggle to overcome.

  • The fear of the blank piece of paper and where to start.
  • Being brave enough to break composition rules.
  • Trying not to end up with ‘mud’ when colour mixing.
  • The fear of using strong dark colour.
  • The biggest ‘elephant in the room,’ the inner critic.

These are the problems I see time and time again. So I have devised a course where you will be given specific paintings to do to help you overcome these problems.

The course starts on Tuesday April 5 and we will meet via Zoom every two weeks to discuss, share, review and chat about these difficulties and how to overcome them.

You will find this course in my own painting school Painting with Nicola