Useful ‘stuff’ to support your watercolour painting passion.

As you get into your new passion you will find yourself building up a collection of useful ‘stuff’ to keep in your bag. It’s a bit like your pencil case that you had at school.

So, here are a few items to get you started and you may think of other things as you go along……if you do let me know. Details of stockists can be found under Stockists under the  ‘Paint on Line’ tab.

1) Absorbant kitchen roll…….loads of it. Useful for drying, dabbing and rescuing all sorts of problems

2) A rule, a set square and a protractor (you remember those things)! If you really want a straight line and a true right angle, you  can have them. As for the protractor, it can help you with looking at buildings. Hold one up and you can see the slopes and the angles so much easier.

3) Masking tape to keep your paper flat if you are working on a board.

4) Masking fluid. Great stuff as it can remind you where your highlights are and protect them.

5) Tracing paper or grease proof paper. Hey, don’t reinvent to wheel. If it helps you get the result you want, use it. You can either rub your pencil on the back  ( to transfer down) or you can buy carbon free trace down paper.

6) Watercolour pencils. Now these are a whole new lesson on their own. They are great to help you out with fiddly details and to add a whole new dimension to your work ( so more of that later).

7) Any other mark making tools such as dry and oil pastels, crayons and a good selection of pencils, pencil sharpener and a putty rubber.

8) A bit of a white wax candle, some sandpaper, an old toothbrush and don’t forget something to put your water in.