Why I think this is probably the best painting tuition you will experience

Because it’s gentle and supportive.

My teaching doesn’t just cover all the basic techniques budding artists will need by giving them plenty of demonstrations and learning activities, but I also approach their learning holistically. It is quite amazing when I start teaching people how to paint a number of issues concerning their creativity come to the surface. Their fears and expectations, family history and their education process, all come creeping out of the dark to be dealt with through a creative process.

The creative spirit is a very tender sprouting plant, and if blighted in early life it will simply no longer be nurtured. Sad indeed, as the fear of just trying is greater than the belief that something beautiful can be accomplished . Many people develop ‘limiting beliefs’in their ability simply because they were judged by an over critical teacher or parent. There have been times when this has brought up tears of realisation and joy that they actually can create something wonderful. I approach the whole idea as a play activity and with my very gentle and patient approach I get some very happy paintings and people.

How has this come about? Simply because I am an NLP practitioner. What is NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. So I bring these skill into a playful painting process.