The Paintings Keep Improving

They say that ‘practise makes perfect’ and although perfection may be a matter of opinion,  my students are certainly improving  in leaps and bounds. Sylvie has decided that she has finished her painting of Azay-le Rideau. Making that decision can … Read More

House martins and Holidays

The house martins have arrived. Hurrah! No, I didn’t take that picture, so I had to pinch one from the www. Anyway, it’s great to see them starting to dart about looking for nesting spots. The spring weather has really … Read More

I met the Painting Deadline

Didn’t get a chance to take any pictures, but I will post some soon. In the meantime the details of the exhibition are below. If you’re in the area come and see me. Berkana association d’’artistes internationaux EXPO: LES NUANCEs … Read More

Who do they belong to?

This old sign is on one of the houses in my village. There is no shop frontage as we know today, it just looks like any other house. So perhaps the owners were running this facility in their front room … Read More

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