House martins and Holidays

The house martins have arrived. Hurrah! No, I didn’t take that picture, so I had to pinch one from the www. Anyway, it’s great to see them starting to dart about looking for nesting spots. The spring weather has really … Read More

I met the Painting Deadline

Didn’t get a chance to take any pictures, but I will post some soon. In the meantime the details of the exhibition are below. If you’re in the area come and see me. Berkana association d’’artistes internationaux EXPO: LES NUANCEs … Read More

Who do they belong to?

This old sign is on one of the houses in my village. There is no shop frontage as we know today, it just looks like any other house. So perhaps the owners were running this facility in their front room … Read More

Crickets and Cabarets

After a cloudy start today, the sun decided to make an appearance just before lunch. I’d like to be able to report that I have been very busy working on new paintings for an exhibition which is fast approaching. But … Read More

Le Weekend

Endeavouring to do something else other than work at the weekend! Yesterday went with a couple of friends to purchase a specific wine that they wanted to take back to England for a special occasion. The weather was so glorious that we … Read More

Friday March 5th

I have a collection of work to do for an exhibition at the end of this month. Can I even get started! I have numerous ideas in my head, some have even got as far as being a scribble somewhere, … Read More

March 3rd

Another great venue has been confirmed. Monastère de Gaussan, dating back to Roman times, is set in extensive, beautiful and tranquil grounds and has history and painting subject matter by the bucket load. Paint the peach blossom, the stunning colours in the … Read More

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