Overwhelmingly blogged

Monday January 31 Well, it started off sunny, so I’ll count that in my survey and that makes 17 for January. On another matter does anyone else feel just a tad overwhelmed by the amount of ‘blogs’ out there in … Read More

300 days of sunshine

Sunday January 29th. So far according to my calender and counting we have had 16 days of sunshine this month and there’s still tomorrow to go. I have been meaning to do this since I arrived. As we are supposed … Read More

St Chinian market

Sunday January 23th Another big blue sky and a trip to the regular market at St Chinian. French markets have always been a great passion for me. The colours, the voluptuous displays, the wide variety of goodies, buy kamagra online … Read More

French frustrations

Thursday January 20th The sun is shining in an amazingly big blue sky and I just had lunch on my terrace. Not bad eh? I was feeling a bit down, due to ‘French Frustrations’ so I fancied zithromax some comfort … Read More

Painting in Provence

Painting in Provence In September last year, I was invited by Mary Bonham-Carter, for a week, to teach her art group in Roussillon, just west of Avignon in Provence. Roussillon is set prettily, high on a hill and simply dripping … Read More

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