Nicola tells you about her painting holidays in France.

We know from our own experiences at school that our enjoyment and ability to grasp a subject can depend very much on the teacherTherefore my approach is gentle, patient but most of all enthusiastic. I'm passionate about getting my message across, so that others can enjoy painting as much as I do. Click on the picture on the left and hear what I have to say about your painting holiday experience

My objective is to make your learning experience as much fun as possible. I do this not just by talking about a technique but showing y

ou how it's done, where it can be used and holding your hand every step of the way.

The creative spirit within needs to be coaxed and gently nurtured  to allow it to achieve marvellous things.

There is great pleasure to be had  in the 'doing' until, you are almost in a meditative state and the result is merely a happy ending to a fulfilling experience. Trust me to bring out the artist in you.

I also have a channel called Nicola Blakemore. Go and take a peek at some of my videos showing you tips and techniques.

A Brief Biography

I originally trained as a graphic artist, and then followed a different career path working in the media, travel and public relations.

After time spent in both London and Paris, I returned to my creative roots, so to speak, and became involved with interior design, specialist painting effects and creating murals for clients in both the UK and overseas.

I have taught at college level, with special needs and worked with private groups. Now installed in the Languedoc south west of France, I continue to create murals, specialist painting effects, teach art both in classes, on painting holidays and now via the internet. I also paint a variety of subjects to commission, including pets and houses and I am accomplished in a variety of media and styles including portraiture.

There is a saying that you should' know what you are good at and stick to it', I say, 'discover what you might be even better at and go for it'.

I have had work featured in Country Living, France, Living France magazines and on BBC Radio 4 and Central TV in the UK

'Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep'. ~Scott Adams

My teaching style

Why I think this is probably the best painting tuition you will experience, because it’s gentle and supportive.
My teaching doesn’t just cover all the basic techniques budding artists will need by giving them plenty of demonstrations and learning activities, but I also approach their learning holistically. It is quite amazing when I start teaching people how to paint a number of issues concerning their creativity come to the surface. Their fears and expectations, family history and their education process, all come creeping out of the dark to be dealt with through a creative process.

The creative spirit is a very tender sprouting plant, and if blighted in early life it will simply no longer feel able to flourish. Sad indeed, as the fear of just trying is greater than the belief that something beautiful can be accomplished . Many people develop ‘limiting beliefs’ in their ability simply because they were judged by an over critical teacher or parent. There have been times when this has brought up tears of realisation and joy that they actually can create something wonderful. I approach the whole teaching process as a play activity and with my very gentle and patient approach I get some very happy paintings and people.

How has this come about? Simply because I am an NLP practitioner. What is NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. So I bring these skill into a playful painting process.


My tuition via the internet.

I love teaching people on a painting holiday, but not everyone can get here.

So with the wonders of the internet I am able to reach many more people who may not be able to get to a regular class for whatever reason. This means that my teaching style has to be very clear. At times all the student sees is my hands as I demonstrate a specific style or technique. However, my videos are filmed in such a way that the student feels they are standing next to me, looking over my shoulder.

I have over 10,000 students worldwide, and that doesn't include all the people who can enjoy my tuition via You Tube. You can purchase some of my courses via my own online painting school

Here are a few reviews from some of my 'virtual' students

This is what one student wrote about my teaching style:

'Thanks you so much for this course! I have tried many classes on You Tube and purchased some other courses, but this course has helped me to believe I really can paint! And I did! Nicola is a wonderful teacher and shares her knowledge freely and kindly. If you've always wanted to painting but thought you couldn't this is the course to take. Thank you Nicola for bringing out my inner artist.' Sharon Estes

'This course was just what I needed. I've tried and failed - but yesterday I suddenly felt free to paint - even if it's not perfect. I'm a graphic artist and on the computer everything is perfect. Not so with paints - NIcola made that okay. I felt very successful when I put my brush down last night.' Chris Malone

'What great fun! Beginning immediately with projects that do not allow any stress at all and then adding more techniques to compose and complete more advanced pieces. Nicola enchants you with her occasional ''oops''followed by her quick use of paper towel to pick up the mistake and move on. Her soft delivery and strong command of every skill presented in each of her video lectures give the student comfort and confidence to follow her lead and remedy mistakes along the way.' David Layne